Who I am and the Purpose of this site

I am a Penny Stock Investor. . .

Penny stocks are micro-cap and nano-cap stocks that are usually developmental and exploration type companies.

These types of stocks. . .

  • trade under $5 per share.
  • are typically in debt
  • over half are shell companies or involved in scams
  • are the most likely of all stocks to become rocket stocks – those stocks that commonly explode in value 5% to well over 200%
  • Penny stocks trade OTC and also on the stock exchanges.

Biotechnology stocks are now on the rise. . .

Biotechnology penny stocks are generally developmental – pre-clinical or clinical.

As the economy improves, financing is easier to obtain – the lifeblood of developmental stocks.

As the economy improves, more stock traders become involved with trading penny stocks.

Penny Stock Trading Risks

Trading biotechnology stocks is risky without proper philosophy, knowledge, understanding, experience, and strategies that limit risks, take advantage of the risks of others, and create more consistent trading success.

Extraordinary Strategies for Profitable Penny Stock Trading

I developed a free site called extraordinaryinvestor.com to help seeking individuals achieve that success in penny stock investing.  These are the best of the safest strategies that the top 3% penny stock traders use today to create successful trades.

Although I specialize in biotechnology stocks, the strategies explained within the extraordinaryinvestor.com site are pertinent to all successful penny stock trading.

I wish for your success.

Thanks for reading.


Steven Thompson



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